Well Beings : A Practical Guide to Good Mental Health

Well Beings is the result of a partnership between Space to Breathe and the Student Christian Movement. In 2018 we took time to chat to students about their concerns about mental health and the results were clear. 

Nearly all respondents were either facing mental health challenges themselves or were helping others who were struggling. Many noted that whilst help was available, it often took time to access that help – not to mention the tough and vulnerable choice in asking for help.

This research confirmed what other organisations have been finding. One in four students face mental health challenges whilst at University according to YouGov (2019). Stress, anxiety and depression are most common but other conditions are also on the rise. 

These stats also connect with the general pattern in UK life where nurses, teachers, charity workers, businesses, schools and the Police are just some of the places/organisations to report rises in reported mental health challenges.

So what can we do?

As we chatted, we realised our goal is not simply to address these concerning statistics but also to support people to thrive – that wellbeing becomes a conversation about genuinely “being well”. We all have mental health. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to have good and thriving mental health but also the support they need when their mental health feels more fragile.

We want students in our Universities to thrive – to become themselves more and more each day. We want students to be empowered to grow in themselves and to live life to the full.

Space to Breathe define wellbeing as “living well, living fully and living deeply”. This resource aims to help make that possible.

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